Jax, A former criminal who used to work for Zod, but was captured. She was in prison for five years before the start of the story, where she is given leave from her seven-year sentence to help take him down. If she is successful, she won't have to worry about being hunted by him when she is released, and she will gain early parole. Or that's the idea, anyway.

XR, Star Command's only robotic Space Ranger. Up until this point he has worked exclusively with Team Lightyear. If you need to read this character page to know who XR is, chances are you're not going to understand a big portion of the comic. He has his own character list on the Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command page, but he plays a very different role in the comic from the cartoon.

Enora Cooke, Jax's case worker. Enora genuinely wants to help Jax and seal the gaps between Star Command and the criminals they put away, but it almost constantly met with resistance. Her motivations are unclear but she tries to do the right thing, even if that doesn't always correspond with what others tell her the right thing is. She is a bit socially awkward. While Jax represents the "criminal" side, Enora represents the paper-pushers.

Ves, Jax's ambitious and ruthless brother. Where Jax has often failed, Ves has often succeeded. He used to run their family's fishing company before it faced some troubles and he dropped it to find morally questionable opportunity on Trade World. He recruited Jax into Zod's gang and is still Zod's right hand. However, he's not fond of orders that don't please him, and Zod knows this, so they must maintain a balance between them.


Enif, Ves's upbeat Tangean right hand. Bubbly, happy, ruthless and smart. Very little is actually known about where she came from or why she's here, even by Ves. She's very young, and nobody will ask how young. She seems laid back and easy to get along with, but she can be just as cruel as her boss when the situation is right.

Zod, The head of the Parhelia (The "Sun Dogs"). He used to be the head of a drug ring on Trade World, and employed Ves and Jax as his lieutenants before Jax was caught by a rival gang, then arrested. In the five years Jax was in prison, Zod has developed an empire and absorbed multiple gangs into his command. His motives are currently unclear, but he has a suspiciously strong grip on the mission Jax and XR have been sent on by Star Command.